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Veganism, supporting locals, fair trade and ethical consumption

Environment, carbon footprint, eco living, zero waste and traveling without flying



Evelina Utterdahl


Evelina truly lives by her values.

She quit flying as soon as she realised the extent to the environmental damage airplanes has and she is trying to spread the knowledge as well as spread inspiration for people to change their habits and encourage traveling by train.

Plastic pollution is also an issue Evelina feels strongly about and she has done everything from doing a 30 day plastic free challenge to spread knowledge and tips on other platforms than her own. Plastic is one of the topics she talk most about on social media.

Evelina went vegan 3,5 years ago for the animals and it was through the vegan communities she first started learning more about the impact we as individuals have on the planet and got thirsty to learn more in order to do better.

Fair trade and buying products from, as well as working with companies that can prove they pay their workers at least a living wage as well as having them work in safe conditions is a must and can not be compromised.

Giving back to the locals is another thing Evelina is trying to learn more about in order to help other travellers support the people and communities in the places they visit. Staying and eating at locally owned businesses as well as purchasing souvenirs from local artisans is something she enhances especially.

She has an immense love for nature, especially mountains, and one of her favourite activities is to hike or trek in the wild outdoors. Camping is another favourite that she would gladly choose over a 5-star hotel.