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Traveling the world without a drivers license

Not having the option to rent a car or even a scooter when traveling can be inconvenient. So how do I solve the problem and why don’t I have a license? Let me answer how I am traveling the world without a drivers license.


Why don’t I just get a license?

The biggest reason is that I genuinely do not believe I would be a good driver. My mind drift away way to easily and often, and the idea of having to concentrate on a road non stop is exhausting and terrifying.

“But you’ll learn, it’s all about habit*

Well. Let’s all agree on one thing – not everyone who drive should be allowed to. Whether it’s because they can’t handle the car, react in panic, have bad eye sight or get behind the wheels drunk.

I did start to learn how to drive when I was 16, and I was extremely good at handling the car I’m driving. But I do not react well in sudden unprepared situations and other people(other drivers) make me nervous.

Sure. I do believe that I would get a license quite easily if i tried, and I might get one in the future. I do dream about a van life.

Secondly – I don’t need it. Where I live and work, I have trains, trams and a lot of busses. And here in Sweden, they’re always on time(I know the Swedes won’t all agree, we’re spoiled). And I am one of those people who always make the situation work. Either if I have to leave earlier to take the bus or wait until someone with a car want to go to the same place as me.



How do I do when I travel?

So when traveling is the only time when I’ve felt it would be amazing to be able to rent a car.

Having a car = freedom.

As I said above, I adapt to the situation. I either go on tours, take local buses or meet people who have a car and asks me to join.

Taking local buses is also one of the things that has been one of my biggest challenges when traveling alone, as it’s made me nervous. I often worry I will end up in the wrong place.

So when I do take the local buses, I get a rush of overcoming my fear. And I also feel like I’m traveling more like the locals instead of renting a car like a distant tourist. So in some ways I kind of prefer taking the local buses.

Managing to get a bus, then a metro and change to another metro in Russia where no one spoke English and I spoke no Russian. I ended up in the right place was a great victory for me.



I love being in the front seat when on buses, in cars or in smal tour buses. I get the best view without having to worry about the road. Sitting in the front like this is to me wonderful and I never get tired of it.

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