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Traveling alone in Zanzibar, Tanzania – summary

After asking you, my followers, for advice on where to go in November, most of you voted for Tanzania – and so that’s where I went. This is a little overview of my trip to Zanzibar for a little more than a week.


Where I went

I usually travel in a quick pace as I get bored very easily and always feel the urge to explore new things. At least that’s the case for cities quite often. This what not the case on this trip. I never wanted to leave, and I almost postponed my flight home even just for a day or two so that I wouldn’t have to leave yet.

I spent most of my time in Paje beach, but I also spent 3 days in Michamvi Kae Beach.

Paje Beach





Michamvi Kae Beach

img_3054 img_3075 img_3072 img_3047

Where I stayed

The first night I stayed in a room in a bungalow right on the beach above the Kite centre. It was a simple stay with an outdoor toilet with no flush, and no shower – but who needs a shower when you have the ocean right there!? It was 14USD for my own room on the beach and breakfast included.

img_2935 img_2933



My second night was spent in a bungalow in Michamvi Kae that a friend set up for me, so I don’t know the name unfortunately. I’m not even sure it was open for business cause I saw no sign and no staff. It was a simple but cosy bungalow with it’s own bathroom but with no wifi and the fan wasn’t working.

img_2962 img_2961 img_2960 img_2959

My third night was spent sleeping on the beach under a mosquito net set up, hanging from a branch.

Michamvi Kae Beach Morning

Michamvi Kae Beach Morning at Sunrise

Michamvi Kae Beach sleep camp

Sleeping on Michamvi Kae Beach


The rest of my stay was spent in my favourite place I’ve ever stayed probably. I stayed in a huge luxury tent with it’s own outdoor bathroom, and I also got to spend one night up in their tree house(!!!) which was a dream come true for me. I’ve always dreamt about staying in a tree house.

Eco Village Zanzibar Tanzania Ecotourism

Luxury tent in an Eco Village in Paje, Zanzibar

solar power eco village ecotourism zanzibar

Solar power as the power source at the Eco village in Paje, Zanzibar

The outdoor bathroom in my luxury tent at Airborne Kite & Surf Eco Village

The outdoor bathroom in my luxury tent at Airborne Kite & Surf Eco Village

The tree house

The tree house

What I did

I worked and had lunch with amazing views every day. I had lots of fruit and beer – every day.

Went on a boat ride with Rahim on his boat Vanora the Wave outside Michamvi Kae beach and with Jan from Airborne Kite & Surf to the reef outside Paje beach with a couple of other people who were also staying at his Eco Village.

I met so many cool people. Some of us went to an outdoor cinema night. I watched mad movies with beer on the one day with rain which also happened to be the day we were all pretty hung over from a great night before.

I had lots of beers. Mostly Kilimanjaro. I watched a sunset on the east cost(!) of Zanzibar – Michamvi Kae Beach is the only place on the east coast where you can do that.

And most of all. I had fun. Really didn’t want to leave, and I can’t wait to go back!

Digital nomad beach office zanzibar

lunch with a view







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  • 28th December 2016

    Va glad jag är att du gillade Zanz, och inte alls förvånad. Det är verkligen ett paradis på så många sätt. Kul inlägg att läsa!

  • 18th July 2017

    I really liked your insight! I guess my first question is, did you feel safe the whole time there? I guess you even slept outside! 🙂

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