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Traveling alone in Tanzania – Day 3

Zanzibar, Tanzania


Michamvi Kae Beach

Woke up early and walked up the beach to Sunset Bay Resort and had a coffee and just enjoyed the view of the quiet and empty beach.

I spent the whole day and night on the beach. That’s right. All night. I slept in the beach, with only a mosquito net between me and the clear night sky.



Sunset Zanzibar East Coast Michamvi Kae Beach

Sunset at Michamvi Kae – the only place on the east coast of Zanzibar where you can see the sunset



Michamvi Kae Beach sleep camp

Sleeping on Michamvi Kae Beach



Michamvi Kae Beach Morning

Michamvi Kae Beach Morning at Sunrise

Sweden’s biggest newspaper

I had been interviewed a few weeks before by a journalist who was going to write an article about traveling alone. It was supposed to be published on their website, but this day I found out my name was not only on half a page in the paper version that half a million Swedish people read on their way to or from work/school – but my name was mentioned on the front page as well.

I got tons of messages that day, so the day was spend working, but when the view is a beach and perfectly turquoise water, you can’t really complain about your office for the day.


You can read and translate the online version of the article here.




Digital nomad beach office zanzibar

Today’s office


Evelina Utterdahl Metro Article Travel alone

The article in the Swedish newspaper Metro



Accommodation 0$

Food & drinks 30$

Total for day 3: 30$

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