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Traveling alone in Tanzania – Day 2

Zanzibar, Tanzania




Paje Beach

I woke up just in time to watch the sunrise.


After breakfast and saying goodbye to my new friends, I got picked up and went to Michamvi Kae beach. This gorgeous beach and also here with almost no people around.


sunrise paje beach Zanzibar

Sunrise in Paje Beach, Zanzibar

Michamvi Kae Beach


Vanora the White Wave Boat tour Zanzibar

Michamvi Kae Beach, Zanzibar


I went out on a boat ride on this beautiful boat with Vanora the White Wave and enjoyed the picture perfect views, Rahim’s perfect playlist and then beer and a little swim in the super clear, light turquoise water.


Vanora the White Wave Boat Zanzibar

Is this real life?

Vanora the White Wave Boat Zanzibar

Crew of Vanora the White Wave at work


Before sunset I walked down the beach to Sunset Bay Resort, had a couple of drinks and met some new lovely people. That’s right. The sunset. From the east coast! Because Michamvi Kae is in a bay, it is the only place on the east coast where you can see the sunset.


After dark had fallen it was time for me to walk back to my bungalow. Little did I know how high the tide would be at that time, so half of the way I walked with water up to my hips. It was a small but rememberable adventure.



Swimsuit Paradise White Beach Zanzibar Tanzania Africa

I’m in paradise





Accomodation, my own bungalow + tips 14$

Food and drinks 8$

Total for day 2: 22$

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  • 28th November 2016

    Så SJUKT fint, vilket paradis!

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