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Travel dream – Exploring the Balkans

I was calculating how much it would cost me to travel through the Balkans, turned around and told my dad it was going to be quite expensive. He asked me “why don’t you do couchsurfing?”, and at that time I had no idea what he was talking about. He told me about the concept, I looked it up. Signed in, and the next day I hosted my first couchsurfers.


This wasn’t even 2 years ago, but oh how my life has changed since then.

I’ve been traveling a lot and I have had so many places I’ve been wanting to visit, but the place that has always been on my mind, and the trip that opened me up to this entire new world of wanderlust, is the Balkans. The nature is, from what I’ve seen in pictures and heard from people who’s been there, absolutely breath taking.

And now. Finally I am going. I am finally going exploring the Balkans.

I found a ticket to Skopje, Macedonia for 15$(yes. 15 US dollars for a 3 hour flight), and then I decided to fly home from Belgrade, Serbia, and that ticket cost me 56$.

So all I have to do now is to plan my way from Skopje to Belgrade through the Balkans.


I’ve been planning a Balkan trip so many times in many different varieties, but now I think I actually have a really good plan where I can fit in all my highest prioritized destinations.


The plan is:

Skopje, Macedonia

Ohrid, Macedonia

Tirana, Albania

Shkodër, Albania

Kotor, Montenegro

Mostar, Bosnia & Hercegovina (including day trip to Blagaj, Pocitelj and Kravice waterfalls)

Belgrade, Serbia



I do have very little time, because I have to get back to Sweden to catch my flight to Canada, so I probably won’t have time to visit more places than this. But this is just a taste. And I am quite sure that I will want to go back again and again to visit more and more places.




I have been very bad at keeping a low budget on my travels this year, and that means I have less money for other or more travels, so this is a good opportunity to get my budget-travel back on track. I will try to keep the cost as low as possible and I will then share with you about every cent I’ve spent and on what.

I do want to keep my total budget under 600$, which I actually think is doable.


The plane tickets cost me a mere 71$ (65EUR)

The bus to and from the airport here in Sweden is crazy expensive, to there goes 22$ right away

I will be using buses and trains to get around, but it is hard to know in advance how much this will cost me.


Since I will be on such a tight schedule, I will basically just need a bed under a roof to sleep in, and I don’t feel comfortable using couchsurfing for that purpose only, so unless I find some really cool hosts that I could spend my exploring hours with, I will stay at hostels, which is probably around 10-12$ a night


From what I understand, the Balkans is quite cheap, and if there’s something I won’t cut back too much on – it’s food. I can’t wait to try some typical local dishes, and more importantly – desserts.


Mostly, I just walk around the cities I’m in and explore on my own and get happily lost. This is free and my favorite way of exploring. But I will go on a day tour from Mostar to Blagaj, Pocitelj and Kravice waterfalls.




If you have been there and have any tips or recommendations, or if you are staying in any of these places and want to meet up, you are more than welcome to post it here in this post or email me at

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  • 1st August 2015

    Will be looking forward to seeing your updates, I’ve yet to explore this part of the world probably!

  • 5th September 2015

    Nikolaj Mitreski

    Hey Evelina, i’m Nikolaj from Skopje, Macedonia and i randomly stumbled to your blog where he referred you as “local blogger in Gothenburg”. I’ve been this summer to Gothenburg and will probably visit it again either this winter or in spring. When you come to Skopje, feel free to contact me for whatever you need, i’d be happy to help you 😀

    Nikolaj M.

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