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On a big and small boat in Raglan

We drove from Auckland to Raglan, and went straight onto a big boat that took us around the area. Beautiful coastline and grilled burgers just made it all feel unreal. It was my first sight of New Zealand outside of Auckland.

Then and there I fell in love with New Zealand for the first time.


After some time, we jumped from the big boat in to small kayaks and paddled down the river. I realized how much I enjoy kayaking, since I’m used to a heavy(but stable) inflatable kayak, with a guy sitting behind me complaining about my effort of paddling.

But these little kayaks just flew by and I never wanted to stop paddling.

We made a stop where we got out of our kayaks and went into the water for a wonderful swim in perfectly temperatured water. Not as fun; the sand was like quicksand and my foot sunk really fast and got cuts from the shells. I got a deep cut in one of my toes that later on got infected all the way up to the top of my foot. So typical to get a lame injury like that, the third day of your trip. I feel pretty tough that I pulled through the pain when hiking and climbing a volcano a few days later though. It wasn’t actually that bad, pain I can take. It was just a rookie mistake not to clean it and take care of the wound afterwards.

Note so self: bring a first aid kit when you travel.


Anyways.. We stopped with our kayaks at a farm where the owner Charlie showed us his eel-farm and then took us up where his wife waited for us with freshly baked scones and lemonade, before they both showed us around the farm that they run themselves and built on their own.

They had llamas, sheeps, horses, cows, ducks, bees – you name it.


Another example of how wonderful the kiwis are.

I was truly struck by how nice and warm the people in New Zealand are.












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