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Learning to surf and enjoying life in Raglan

As we’re driving along the coastline in Raglan, I’m filled with happiness and excitement. The view is absolutely beautiful. We turned left from the road onto a small path and soon came up to a secluded villa called the Lava Lodge, that we had all to ourselves.

The best thing about it was the patio with view of the ocean and *drumroll* …

a jacuzzi. We had some great dinners on that terrace, lots of beers and some interesting conversations in that hot tub.


On a very(!) early morning, we went up to do some yoga and stretching before our surfing lesson. The place where we did the yoga is called Inspiration point(or something like that) and when you got up there you could see why. Oh my what a view! Surrounded by palm tree forest behind you and the great open sea in front of you.


After getting some instructions for the surfing, we went down to the beach and got our wetsuits on. Imagine my amazement when I, on my first try ever, stood up and rode the whole wave. Too bad it was only down hill from there, haha.

Unfortunately I had to cut my lesson short, since I had cut my big toe really bad the day before.

To be honest, surfing didn’t seem like my cup of tea. But I guess the uncomfortableness and the pain probably ruined my experience a bit, so I will have to give surfing another chance. I’m also a little bit of a fear of water, or maybe I should call it ‘respect’ of water, since I got caught in an underwater stream and 2 meter high waves in Thailand as a child.


What better way to follow up that with some BBQ and some beersies back at the house. What a life!



If I were to move to New Zealand(which I probably will one day), I could really see myself settling down in Raglan for some time. The atmosphere, the people and the surrounding nature is just incredible. There was no stress, people seemed genuinely satisfied with life and I love the alternative kind of lifestyle a lot of them had. Apparently they don’t like to be called hippies… I would love to spend some relaxing time there, learning how to surf and get to know the people better.











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