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Isle of Skye – Broadford




When exploring Isle of Skye, Broadford was my base. I stayed at Broadford Youth Hostel which is a very basic hostel. I was away exploring during the days, so even if it didn’t affect me, I feel it is very stange that you are not allowed inside your room between 10.30 am to 7 pm. And there are no lockers in the room, and no ladders to the bunk beds, so if you are short, you should ask for the lower bed. There’s no wi-fi either, which¬†might be a problem for some. So while it was still very basic, it had all the essentials like a kitchen and a shower.. But I wouldn’t stay there again. It was too expensive for so little.


Broadford is a tiny, tiny town. There isn’t many places to go, but it had a food store and a few cafes/restaurants. I mostly went to Cafe Sia, because they have free Wi-fi. Even during their closed hours, so I sat on their porch early mornings, using their wi-fi. Since there isn’t much to do there, I quess it is only suitable as a base. Though, I would rather choose to stay in Portree next time.









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