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Backpacking Eastern Europe – Day 7 Tiraspol, Transnistria

Day 7 – 15 october

Woke up and walked to the store to buy breakfast. Got ready and then Moto from my hostel, and I went to get a bus to Tiraspol in the self-proclaimed republic Transnistria, located in eastern Moldova, against the border to Ukraine.

The bus hour took 2 hours, and when we’d gotten a bit into the center, were realised that there was something special celebrated in that city as well.

We then found out it was Tiraspol’s 224th birthday. Even they had cut off the traffic from the huge main road and had celebrations and shows.

We went around exploring the city for a few hours and then started making our way back to the bus station, while on the hunt for the plastic coins that Transnistria has. They are not as rare anymore as they have stopped making them and started with metal instead. We eventually could collect a couple of coins each and then took the bus back to Chisinau.

We came back and were met by many new faces at the hostel. I asked if they had space for me to stay one more night and fortunately they did.

We all had beers, sparkling red wine and pretzels as we talked long into the night.


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