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Backpacking Eastern Europe Day 3 – Ukraine

Day 3 – 11 october

Woke up, had a couple of bars because I was too lazy to make breakfast, got ready and went down to check out.

I asked if the bus to the airport leaves from the same place as I got off, and she told me I could just take a local bus down by the river the leaves every 15-20 minutes.

Down to the river I went. I then realised the river is long. Where did the bus leave from?

I asked a girl passing me and she told me it was just further ahead on the other side of the road.

After waiting for more than 20 minutes, I asked another girl who passed me. She looked it up on her phone and after some confusion, because the bus drives in a circle, we realised that the bus does not go to the airport from there, it only comes from the airport. And to get on the bus from there and go around to get to the airport would take to long, so the girl called a taxi for me.

Things like this reminds you of how good people are.

I told her it’s probably work out and that I didn’t want to keep her, as this took a while, but she insisted, because I am going to the airport and it’s important that I get there in time.

I thanked her so so much, she left and I crossed the road to wait for my taxi. It ended up costing only 5€, which is more than 1€, but still cheap in my opinion, and I made it there in good time.

I got on my flight to Kiev flew towards a country I have known very little about and therefore was extremely curious as to what my visit would be like.

From the airport I took a bus to the main station, which is quite far from the center, which I started walking towards.

I needed wifi and electricity to charge my phone and look up options of getting to Lviv. The closest cafe where I knew that had plant based milk was a tiny place called Bean to Bean. I ordered a latte and sat down to look at my transportation options as I hadn’t decided how long to stay in Kiev. However, the atmosphere in Kiev was not my cup of tea and I noticed that very quickly. As in most capital cities, there was a sense of stress in the air, so I decided I would leave for Lviv with a night bus that evening. I had been told by so meny people how amazing it is, and from the things I had heard about it, it would be a place that I would like.

After finishing that awful tasting coffee, I walked towards the center and eventually to a super cute restaurant called Cafe Imber – which means Café Ginger.

I ordered a starter and a drink as I was going to be joined by a friend for dinner there when she was finished at her work.

Curry soup that was absolutely delicious and the drink was a traditional ukranian fruit compote drink.

After I finished my started, my friend joined me and we ordered our dinner.

// When I say friend, I mean that she is my friend now, but when we met there for dinner it was the first time we met.

We are both part of this amazing Facebook group called Girls Love Travel. 

It’s a group of more than 100.000 girls from all over the world with a common passion for traveling. It is a group filled with sisterhood, support, encouragement, inspiration and connections. I had written a while back that I was traveling through Kiev and was wondering if anyone would be there at the same time and meet up. And that is how we met 🙂

I’ve done the same in Amsterdam and made some great friends who I had a wonderful time with.

No boys allowed though – sorry guys. 

But for ya’ll travel loving women I highly recommend it. //

After we finished dinner I ordered dessert. Of course. I  had a fruit strudle with fresh berries, ice cream and vanilla sauce.

It. Was. Delicious.

It was amazing.

Then we went to a bar called the Alchemist that had a nice interior and feel, especially for someone like me who like both fantasy and science.

We had beer and a drink and then we said goodbye as I got in a taxi to take me to the bus station.

The bus was a double decker, and I got a seat up stairs in the front. Lets just say I had the best view.

Slept the whole way.

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