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Backpacking Eastern Europe Day 1 & 2 – Vilnius, Lithuania

Day 1 – 9 october

It’s very rare for me to take flights who are not in the morning. This one was at 2pm, which gave me a nice and calm morning. Packed in a bit of a rush, made a video about it and then I went down to the tram. My sister comes on the same tram and we ride together to the stop Korsvägen where I took the flight bus to Landvetter airport.

First I flew to Arlanda airport in Stockholm before the last flight to Vilnius, Lithuania.

As I get off the bus in the city center of Vilnius, I realise I had forgotten to look up accommodation for my stay. It is late, dark and raining.

With the help of some bought data to use within the EU, I find the hostel with the best rate, which was the same hostel I was going to stay at when I was supposed to go to Vilnius the last time, but got sick and didn’t go on the trip that time.

Eventually I find the place, I walk up to the big house and as I turn the corner of the house I am met by a roof of lights and a floor of yellow leaves. It looked magical.

I entered the door into the house and is met by a cozy and warm reception with a bar and an open fire and people relaxing in the sofa and the chairs.

I check in, leave my bag at my bed and go back downstairs, buy me a locally brewed beer for only 2,7€ and sit down in front of the fire place. A tall guy sitting in the sofa next to me started talking to me, and we talked for an hour or so until it was time for me to go to bed and we said goodbye.

Day 2 – 10 october

I wake up and head downstairs to the cozy common area at the hostel. I drink tea, eat a couple of bars and answer emails and edit some footage.

I set a time for a Skype meeting with Skyscanner at 5pm and head out to see the city.

Since I had arrived late at night, I had not seen how pretty the town was, and I walked around in awe and just took the beautiful atmosphere and old buildings.

I cannot always explain in words what makes me like a place or not. I mean, I know I like old towns with cobble stone and picturesque old buildings and nature – especially when there are mountains and lakes involved. But in some places it’s more than that. It’s in the air.

I felt calm and relaxed in Vilnius. I instantly felt that it’s one of those places that is just as wonderful to visit every season of the year.

I went to have lunch at a vegan place called Gyvas Baras.

The menu had too much good sounding options, but eventually I went for the sandwich with mushrooms, veg cheese and caramelised onions – because caramelised onions makes everything better.

With that I had a dark locally brewed beer.

Both were amazing.

After I finished, I ordered a latte and a chocolate cake with ice cream.

The latte was absolutely heavenly! Best latte I’ve ever had. The chocolate cake was ok. I think it was one of those recipes with black beans in it, as I thought I could taste the beans. I tried making that at home once but the one I made was just simply disgusting.

After filling up on food and goodies, I went to a vegan store just around the corner to look around. I love browsing at food shops abroad.

Then I went out and walked through town again. My phone died even with more than 30% batteries left, but thankfully I have a great sense of directions so I made it back to my hostel in time for my Skype meeting no problem.

// I had a meeting with skyscanner because I am going to be one of their freelance writers on their Swedish page where I will be writing travel articles.

I had gotten an offer for the same job at one of their competing companies, but I decided to go with Skyscanner as it is them who I have used since I started traveling over 3 years ago, and I have their search engine to thank for finding all the cheap flights I’ve gotten these past years and being able to travel so much. 

Also I have tried other site like it but I just find theirs the most user friendly. //

I filmed and edited some footage and then I went down to the main area to get some tea in front of the fire place.

Happily greeted by a dog in the room. We instantly became friends.

After a couple of hours of just enjoying sitting in front of the fireplace it was time to go to bed. This night I had the whole dorm to myself.

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