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why i quit countring countries

Why I quit counting countries

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The passport you have was given to you by pure chance.

Because of where you were born or your parents nationalities.




Traveling to every country in the world is a privilege

I was extremely lucky to be born with Swedish nationality which automatically gives me the second most powerful passport in the world. I was given a golden ticket without having to do a thing.

Going to many countries is not hard when you have a passport like mine. As long as you have money and time you can easily travel to 165 countries without even having to apply for a visa beforehand. And if you do apply for a visa, it would very likely get approved as long as you have no criminal records and some money in the bank.

Some people can only go to as little as 30 countries without having to apply for a visa – and then when applying for a visa have a much higher risk of getting denied for reasons like not having enough money in the bank, having too much money in the bank, not being married, having too many connections in that country – or not enough. In some countries it’s even impossible for them to apply for a visa.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Everyone I know of who have or are aiming to visit to all countries in the world has either a USA passport or a strong European one.

But do you know of anyone with an Afghani or Iranian passport trying to visit all the countries in the world? Now that would be not only very financially, time and energy consuming but it would also be close to impossible.

And that is why, I no longer “brag” about the number of countries I’ve been to.

Because I no longer see it as a merit but as a privilege.

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Do you count the number of countries you’ve been to? Do you find it obnoxious when people do? This is a subject that I have notices people tend to have very strong thoughts about.

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  • 23rd August 2019


    Thank you for taking the time to share your insight about your journey towards being a better being / traveler.

  • 14th January 2021


    Yes! I cringe when I see country counts in bios. As a lover of people and cultures, I find it very very self absorbed.

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