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What are you running away from?

Has anyone else been met with the bias that if you travel, you are running away from something?


A while back, when I was talking about my dream and ambition to one day get a one way ticket and to live as a nomad, to live a life on the road – I was met with the response “you can’t run away from yourself”.

I would say that would be the absolute opposite of what I would do. I mean, of course, the problems you have within will follow you wherever you go, but this got me thinking about the well known travel quote “We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”, and that is exactly how I feel.


I want to run. But not from anything, rather than towards something. I don’t want to miss out on life. I don’t want to look back and not have lifetime of memories worth remembering.

All my life, I have had it easy. I live in a country which is one of the best in the world when it comes to equality, economics and well being. I was raised by two wonderful and successful parents who took me traveling in 4 different continents. School is free here(even the universities) and I learn new things extremely easy, I got a good job before I even quit high school and now I have an amazing job with good salary and extreme freedom. I haven’t had much going against me in life – and I feel like I am missing out on life. Don’t get me wrong, I know that I am extremely lucky and I do not take it for granted at all! But I want to FEEL that I am alive. I need challenges to grow and learn. I want to get into difficult situations, having to fix it on my own. I want to jump out of a plane to feel that adrenaline while putting my life in another one’s hands(while I am falling to a potential death). I want to experience the world first hand, and not read about it in books or see it on the news. I want to broaden my view. I want to make my own opinions of countries and people, and not listen to the prejudice by people who have not even been there themselves.


I want to seize the days I have, instead of letting my days go by, working a regular monday-friday job, doing the same things, meeting the same people, doing the same things.


When I look back at this last year, the things that I remember are not the days at work, cuddling in the sofa or watching tv – it’s gazing upon the amazing landscapes of Iceland, Switzerland and Scotland. It’s the new people I got to know and the things they have taught me. It’s the sweaty and tough bike ride for an hour up hill, only to enjoy the view from the top. It’s being invited to go on a car trip in Iceland after just introducing my name to the girl in the bed below me. I remember skipping down the street while holding hands with an italian and a swiss in Geneva on a weekday after eating fondue and drinking wine.



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  • 16th January 2015

    I know exactly what you mean! I am from Denmark and had a life that looks pretty much like yours.
    Then I got a boyfriend who didn’t understand that I want to go see the world and not live in Denmark my whole life. He also told me that I couldn’t run away from the things I didn’t like in Denmark, and that I would probably feel the same way when living in another country, which was not true at all!

    I want to see countries before they change. North Korea before it’s a huge travel destination, Africa before all the tourists go there, Maldives before it’s all under water etc.

    What I also found out was that I feel more home in Africa than in Denmark. Why should that be wrong?

    I totally understand you and agree with what you’re saying!

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