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Vegan food christmas hamburg germany

Vegan food – Christmas in Hamburg

We all know that food and drinks are very much a part of the Christmas holiday’s and we all want to take part in the culinary Christmas experience. 

I went on a hunt for some vegan food in the Christmas Markets and finally I hit the jackpot.



#Christmasinhamburg #holyhamburg vegan christmas

Altona Christmas Market, Hamburg


Vegan Currywurst Christmas market food

Vegan Currywurst with rosemary potatoes



Vegan waffle christmas market food hamburg

Vegan waffle with plum jam



vegan food christmas market hamburg germany

Candied almonds


glühwein glögg Christmas hamburg

Glühwein – the official Christmas drink




Altona is a part of Hamburg that is very exciting and known for it’s diversity, multi culture and alternative style.

The Christmas market is located just by the metro station, and it is truly filled with diversity and exciting food and products.

The vegan Currywurst was the tastiest vegan sausage I’ve ever tried! And the waffle was also delicious, but I would’ve liked the option to have it with whipped vegan cream. I had it with plum jam, but I think I’m going back tomorrow to try it with the vegan nutella.

You can find candied/roasted almonds or other type of nuts in all markets I would believe. It’s just nuts, sugar and water. And of course Glühwein.




This trip is in collaboration with Hamburg Tourism and NordicTB

#ChristmasinHamburg #HolyHamburg

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