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Traveling alone in Tanzania – Day 1

Backpacking alone in Tanzania. I let you, my followers decide for me where to go for my November trip – and most of you said Tanzania, so now I’m here. I’ve been to many places in the world but this place is beyond words. It’s almost too prefect. 



Leaving Istanbul airport and scoring the whole row to myself for the flight to Dar es Salaam. Should’ve been tired from exploring Istanbul city the whole day, but I only got an hour of sleep.


Lands in Dar es Salaam and trying to get my visa. I didn’t have any cash so I had to go to the ATM. When I went back they told me they only accepted US dollars for the visa. Went to exchange. Paid and waited for my visa.

Got a ride into town with a diplomate that I met earlier on the free Istanbul tour by Turkish Airlines. Got to the ferry place at 4.30 though so him and his driver dropped me off at a nearby hotel where I would stay until it opened.


When you have the ticket – don’t wait for a guy to help you get to the boat. You can do it all by yourself and then won’t have to tip someone for walking next to you. I didn’t realise this until it was too late and he asked for money. I only had 10.000TZS in cash left, which is about 4,50USD which I gave to him even though he didn’t really do anything except follow me to the ferry. Just go there yourself. You don’t need someone to hold your hand.


Arrived at Zanzibar. Went through immigration and then walked into town to withdraw money so I could buy all the water in the world to soothe my thirst. Took a 1 hour taxi drive to Paje Beach on the east coast.




Got a room in a bungalow right on the beach. It was a 3 bed dorm but I got it all to myself. Went down to the water for a well needed swim after 38 hours of traveling.

Made friends instantly, a girl from Germany, a girl from Brazil, a guy from England and the guy who worked at Kite Lodge. Spent hours talking and drinking beer.

bungalow zanzibar

My bungalow at Kite Lodge in Paje Beach


kite surfing paje beach

Kite surfing in Paje Beach, Zanzibar





Nap time



Getting up in time for the fire on the beach. Dinner, drinks and lots of talking. Some people you just never stop having things to talk about.




Bed time. Realised I had burned pretty bad but I still fell asleep with a huge smile on my face.


earthwanderess in Zanzibar

Paje Beach





Visa 50$

Ferry to Zanzibar 35$

Taxi to east coast 1 hour 27$

Room at Kite Lodge including breakfast 14$

Lunch, dinner and drinks + tips 18$

ATM fees (2 withdraws) 10$

Tip  to ferry guy 4,5$

Total for day 1:  188,5$

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