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I have started to vlog, so that I can share my trips with you with a lot more personality and action. By using sound effects, music that fits the situations, visual effects and me talking in front of a camera – You will get to know me a lot better and hopefully get a better feeling of what my trips felt like to me.

Now I will still keep blogging here, so no worries for the one’s who enjoy reading my posts.

If you have any wishes or suggestions on things for me to post, either here or on YouTube – comment below or in a youtube comment.


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Eco warrior from Sweden traveling full time Former jetsetter who quit flying for the environment Plant based nature and hiking lover


  • 13th September 2016

    Fun to get the perspective of another channel. Looking forward to see more.

    Me – Swedish travel blogger – also love nature, active travels – and to that I add great food and wines and even more important 3 small kids. 🙂

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