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I offer skype sessions with me as a private travel advisor


Do you want to travel the world but is hesitant or feel like you want someone to talk to and ask all the questions you can think of before you leave your comfort zone?

Every week I spend hours answering peoples questions and giving advice about different things related to travel. This is usually through private messages on facebook, e-mails, comments or direct messages on instagram.

Writing answers or advice on a small phone limits me so I’ve now decided to offer private sessions to anyone who wants some advice or tips.

So what can I offer?


Well, I’ve been traveling alone as a girl for 4,5 years since I was 21 years old. I’ve been to 73 countries – most of them by myself. I’ve travelled full time with a 34L backpack. I’ve travelled with and without depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses. I’ve couchsurfed a lot – both hosted and surfed. I have been traveling as a vegan for 2,5 years and I’ve done it very cheap. So you could say I have some experience in this field


Some areas that I might know a bit more about and that people often ask me advice on is:

  • Traveling with depression anxiety, social anxiety or ochlophobia(fear of crowds)
  • Traveling alone as a girl
  • Light packing
  • Cheap traveling
  • Couchsurfing
  • Different locations that I’ve been
  • Vegan travel
  • Sustainable and ethical travel


If you are interested, send me an e-mail on


20€/$ per half hour

35€/$ per hour

* students, people on sick leave or unemployed can get a small discount if needed

The sessions will be through Skype, payment through PayPal