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Top 3 burgers in New Zealand

The Fat Tui, Abel Tasman

The guy who took us here really talked the burger up and as the burger lover that I am, I wasn’t sure it would live up to the high expectations I was starting to get. And oh my lord, it was so good! It was huge, juicy and just the bun itself was amazing. And the place was just the cutest! There’s just a food truck and outdoor seating.

Fergburger, Queenstown

We heard rumors about a place with magical burgers, and after a long day of riding a horse through Lord of the Rings scenery, a friend and I went to get these famous burgers. The line was HUGE. At first we weren’t sure we would wait that long, but the hype kind of made us want to try it really bad. I took the Fergburger with cheddar, and my friend was feeling confident and took the HUGE Big Al. He almost finished that beast.

Lets just say that it is worth the wait. And it deserves it’s rumor no doubt. If you are in Queenstown, this is a must.

Velvet Burger, Auckland

I landed in Auckland after spending some time in Australia, checked in and left my bags in my room and hurried down to the bar where my friends were waiting for me with beer. After a few beers, we decided to go eat. I guess that a little intoxication didn’t hurt my experiense of the Velvet Burgers Squawk Dawg, but it was delicious!

Due to some mix up in the kitchen, I ended up with a big one instead of the small one that I had ordered(good karma). And thank heaven for that! It was really really really good.

I went down the next day for to get me one for dinner because well, it was incredible.

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