This is  detailed guide on my journey from Gothenburg, Sweden to Tehran, Iran with the route, how long it took and how much it cost.


Planning – Looking at options

According to Rome2Rio, the fastest way to get from Gothenburg to Tehran would be with only 3 different buses with the route;

  • Gothenburg-Bucharest (42,5 hr)
  • Bucharest-Istanbul (14 hr)
  • Istanbul-Tehran (40 hr)

Without even counting the waiting time between the buses, it could take 100 hours/4 days. The price would land on somewhere around 200€ one way.


I have no intention of rushing through Europe to get to Iran as soon as possible. This is the perfect opportunity for me to travel to some European cities I haven’t visited before and visit friends who live there.

I quickly realised that the best way to travel by trains and buses would be through making up my journey as I go. To book the tickets at the stations when I want to leave or maybe one day before departure.

All transportation time and price


Gothenburg-Copenhagen: Bus • 4 hr 15 min •  18€

Copenhagen-Cologne: Bus •  13 hr •  36€

Cologne-Frankfurt: Fast train •  1 hr •  75€

Frankfurt-Frankfurt Airport: Train •  10 min •  5€

Frankfurt Airport-Innsbruck: Car sharing/BlaBlaCar • 5 hr •  36€

Innsbruck-Münich: Train •  1,5 hr • 43€

Munich-Sofia: Bus •  20 hr • 106€

Sofia-Athens: Bus •  12 hr •  46€

Athens-Lavrion: Bus • 1 hr • 10€

Lavrion-Athens: Bus • 2 hr • 5€

Athens-Thessaloniki: Train •  6hr •  25€

Thessaloniki-Istanbul: Bus •  10 hr •  45€

Istanbul-Tehran: Bus •  40 hr •  35€


Total time of transportation(ex. time spend in cities): 116 hours

Totalt price: 485€

Time wise it was very similar as I didn’t do any massive detours. Money wise it was a lot more expensive and I could’ve done it cheaper, especially in the case of spending 75€ on a 1 hour train ride in Germany. I chose to do this because I was meeting a friend in Frankfurt and didn’t want to lose a day with her because of the money saving.


What I didn’t include in the calculation:

Transportation within the cities and the one week of sailing in the Greek Cyclades. The sailing was a separate trip itself and wasn’t a transportation to anywhere as we came back to the same harbour we left.

Airplane vs. Travel by land

Money: A one-way plane ticket would’ve been around 300€ and traveling by land could’ve cost me around 200€ but ended up being 485€

Environmental impact: 0.59 ton CO2 vs. 0.26 ton CO2*

*This calculation is just a rough calculation made at and this calculation does not include the devastating altitude effect airplanes have regardless if it uses fossil fuel or biofuel.

Time: From 7,5 hr (incl. stopover in Istanbul airport) vs 3,5 weeks or 113 hours on buses and trains

But how do you compare 1 day of getting from A to B with 3,5 weeks of seeing new places, meeting old and new friend and making memories for life?


Swedish female solo traveler. Been to 6 continents and 65+ countries. Nature, hiking, adrenaline, responsible travel and minimalistic packing.


  1. Monika Getsova

    Unless you had someone to visit in Greece,
    Sofia-Athens: Bus • 12 hr • 46€

    Athens-Lavrion: Bus • 1 hr • 10€

    Lavrion-Athens: Bus • 2 hr • 5€

    Athens-Thessaloniki: Train • 6hr • 25€

    Thessaloniki-Istanbul: Bus • 10 hr • 45€

    you could just do it Sofia- Istanbukl for 50 euros and 10 hours

  2. Monika Getsova

    sorry, I saw you went sailing in LAvrio… wonderful!

  3. Wow – interesting post! I guess it makes sense that it would be way cheap than flying, so I will keep this in mind if I ever find myself in that part of the world 🙂 Love your blog!
    -Jenna <3
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  4. Hi
    i & my brother have 2 hostels in Yazd & in Mehriz(30km out of Yazd to kerman),Price for 1person : 70,000 Toman or 10€

  5. I proud of you because of your determination 💐💐💐💐

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