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Sunrise over lake Atitlán





I got up at 2.30 am to hike up mountain La Nariz de Indio(The indian’s nose) with 2 friends, a guide and his dog to see the sun rise over lake Atitlán in Guatemala.

The hiking was super steep and I felt like giving up several times, but it was so worth the effort. But remember, if you do this – bring warm clothes to put on when you get up to the top. You get warm when walking up, but then you sit still in the dark for a couple of hours in the cold.

I’ll just leave theses amazing picture, who obviously can’t do the sunrise justice, here for you to enjoy.



Lake Atitlán




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  • 18th August 2016

    Först och främst, kul att halka in här, i ditt hörn av världen 🙂 Guatemala är ett av mina favoritländer i alla kategorier, mest för naturen och människorna, men också för maten! Jag minns också Atitlán som något särskilt vackert… lite magiskt nästan!

  • 29th May 2018

    That’s great!
    You continue to experience many such moments.
    Best regards

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