I’m a 25 year old girl from Sweden who has, like so many others, a serious case of wanderlust.

I have been lucky enough to have parents who likes to travel, so I had been to 4 different continents and  around 15 countries before I turned 16.

I was 15 the first time I went abroad without my parents, when I was chosen as a representative in my class to go to Poland and Germany to learn more about WWII. In the summer that same year, I went on a language course to California, USA, for a month.

In September 2013 when I, for the first time, travelled completely alone to a place where I knew no one, I realized that this is my passion. That is when the travel bug bit me for real. I started to learn more about how I could travel as much as possible, and a whole new world opened up.

Since then, I have travelled about once a month an average.

To this day I have been to 6 continents and 66 countries.

I travelled once a month for 3,5 years while still having a normal Mon-Fri job and you can read my old posts about how I could travel so often here and you can read about how I could travel the world without quitting my job here.

Nowadays I travel full time and I make my income from working as a freelance travel writer and as a social media influencer. You can read about how I manage to make money while traveling here and here you can read about how I got my job as a travel writer.

E-mail: evelina (at) utterdahl.se


  1. Hello! Just found your site browsing on Instagram. Love all of your pictures!! I’m moving to the Virgin Islands next week for 6 months, with more destinations to follow. Since you’re an experienced traveler I wanted to ask what is the most affordable way to travel? I am very frugle with my spending and get email updates for flights that have dropped in price but I was wondering if you had any other tricks up your sleeves?

  2. earthwanderess

    Hello Katie, and thank you!
    Wow, I’m getting jealous now. You’re moving to a paradise island!
    I search for the cheapest tickets on skyscanner.com(there are lots of sites like this one, just choose the one that suits you the best), and usually I just choose my departure city to “everywhere”, at any departure time, and it finds the cheapest tickets for me to loads of destinations. I’d say flexibility is the key to fly cheap. Good luck on your new adventure! 🙂

  3. Hey Evelina!
    I am not sure how to contact you so I am just writing here in this comment, haha. I am a soon 21-year old girl from Denmark who can relate soon much to how you are feeling about the meningsless-nes of the way that the majority of people live their everyday life(not that it isn’t meaningful for some people, but I just don’t see myself in that way of life) I just started at University but after a month I can say, that I don’t see the point in it, and that it is not for me. However, I feel an enormous pressure from society and my social circle that I should worry about the future and get a great and “socially-acceptable”, higher education. I would love to get a job to earn money to plan trips. I would love just to do that right now because who knows for how long I’ll be here?! However, my question to you is: do you ever worry about not studying like most other young people? do you worry about the future a lot? and if yes, how do you deal with these feelings? 🙂
    Many greetings from a very inspired danish girl! (who btw also suffers from depression etc. soon that’s great haha)

  4. Hi Ellen! To answer your question – no. I don’t worry about not studying cause I know it’s not what I want. And I never worry about the future. There’s no point I feel. I have just really come to terms with the fact that this is what I want out of life and not care about the social rules.. Ever since I stopped worrying about those things, I have become a lot happier and my heart lighter 🙂 If you want to ask me more questions you can email me at evelina (@) utterdahl.se

  5. Wow! Det Du skriver känner jag verkligen igen mig i , när jag såg i slutet av texten att du är svensk och dessutom från GBG sä är ju igenkänningsfaktorn total 😉

  6. Alexandra

    Hej Evelina.

    Såg din artikel i dagens tidning (VLT, 6/4) Har du några planer på att åka till Sydkorea? Jag åker dit i sommar och det är första gången jag flyger själv. Ska bli riktigt roligt. Men det skulle också vara kul att ha någon att resa med.

    Alexandra (instagram AlexandraEberhardsson)

  7. Agneta Stefansson

    Hej! Vi var ju i kontakt med dig från programmet Plus i SVT och då passade inte datumen för dig. Nu undrar jag hur hösten ser ut? Vi bandar alltid på tisdagar och börjar i början av oktober och håller på fram t o m v 51.
    När är det aktuellt med resor? Kanske alltid? Eller är det nån särskild tid som människor bokar?
    Hoppas vi har möjlighet att hitta ett datum i höst!
    Hör gärna av dig!
    Med vänlig hälsning/Agneta Stefansson 0705542008

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