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My travel plans for spring 2015

I could not imagine a better way to kick off this year than in the way I did. Spending one month in my dream country, New Zealand, and with a spontanious week to explore Melbourne in Australia.


It’s been about 2,5 weeks since I got back home to Sweden, and my wanderlust is itching. Since I got back home, I have booked 3 different trips and I already had one booked for April. This means I am going on 4 different trips in April and May.


I simply cannot help myself!



Since I have a full-time job, mondays-fridays, I’m “only” going on long weekend trips around Europe, and trying to compress as much experience as possible.


So where am I heading off next? And why did I choose these destinations?


3-7 April

Russia, Estonia and Finland

I’m flying through Helsinki and starting off in Saint Petersburg, after 1-2 days, I will take a night bus to Tallinn and spend 1-2 days there. I will fly out from Tallin early morning, and spend half a day in Helsinki before I fly home in the evening. Good thing I’m a good planner! Tight schedule, but I’ll get to see a lot.

I am super excited to visit Russia, even if it’s just one city and for such a short amount of time, because the only things I think I know about Russia, is what I’ve seen on 9gag and hollywood films…… So yeah.. I really need to go there and get my own experiense.

Taking a nightbus to Tallinn saves me one nights accommodation, and I am one of those people who can actually sleep on busses and planes, lucky me!

And on my stopover in Helsinki, I will have about 5-7 hours in the city.


Not enough time, a lot of you might think.

Well yes and no. I’m not much for big cities. But I am curious and want to see it none the less. And I’m still very young, I do have time to go back to the places I like many times.

I’m kind of standing by the ice-cream stand and tasting every flavour before I decide which one to choose.



23-26 April


This time I am not flying solo. I’m actually going on this trip with my mom! It’s been a few years since we last traveled together, and that was to Cape Verde. It is however, the first time me and her travel alone together.

We are staying in Valletta and well, we haven’t really looked to much into what we want to do. Explore the old city and enjoy the turquoise water I guess.



30 April- 4 May

Austria, Slovakia, Belgium

Another tight schedule with lots to see. Three different new flavors to try.

I’m flying to Vienna, and will most likely flee to the mountains for some hiking one day. I will also take a train over to Bratislava to explore that old and artsie city for a day or two.

I fly from Vienna to Brussels on the 3rd, and from there I will take a train to Gent, because I’ve been wanting to go there for a long time. The next evening I will fly back home to Sweden.



9-14 May


Because. IRELAND. Finally! I have been dreaming about Ireland for such a long time. Emerald green fields and pubs filled with beer and the accent! I do love the brittish and irish accents.

During most of there days, a dear italian friend of mine, who I got to know while he couchsurfed at my place almost 1,5 year ago, will also be in Dublin! He is also crazy about traveling. You can check out his blog here.

Here I actually have 5 days to explore. There will be some hiking, no doubt. And heaps of beer.




As the math nerd and list-lover that I am, I keep tabs on how many countries I’ve been to.

For these two months, I will visit 8 countries, and 7,5 of them are coutries I’ve not been to before.

“Seven and a HALF?!”

Well, it will be my first time on finish mainland. I have been to Åland, an island that sits right outside swedish east coast. Even though they have their own flag and gouvernment, and they speak swedish, they do belong to Finland.


So technically, after these trips, I will have visited 37 countries. Can’t wait to get that number even(I have a little bit of ocd).




Ready to apply! Photos for my russian visa.

Ready to apply!
Photos for my russian visa.

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  • 4th March 2015

    The Balkans will be so exciting! Can’t wait to read about all of your adventure 🙂

  • 6th March 2015


    Great plans! Sounds like you’re going to have a lot of amazing experiences in coming months.
    I wonder what Russia like today during the dollar prices crisis. I’ve been in St. Petersburg many times – it’s a mesmerising city. So many awesome places to see – like Peterhof, Hermitage and kunstkamera. But don’t forget to have some coffee in Singer House (House of Books ).

    And Ireland is simply amazing- Galway and Cork but especially the small towns – can’t wait to see your posts about it 🙂

  • 28th June 2015


    Nice plans! St petersburg was worth a longer stay imo, but i know the feeling of always looking for the next place/country to go. Safe travels!

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