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Minimalistic packing on a 5 day trip

After I posted this picture of what I brought with me on my trip to Russia, Estonia and Finland(5 day trip) on Instagram, I’ve gotten a few requests to write down a list of everything I packed.


The bags:

Black purse

Mini backpack from a market in Milan




Phone + charger + headphones

Compact system camera Sony NEX F-3 + charger

Ear plugs

My buff (best thing ever! I mostly use it as an eye mask)


Canvas bag

Journal + pen




Travel toothbrush + mini toothpaste

Face cream

Antibacterial hand gel


Solid shampoo



Toiletry case

Make up:


Eyelash curler


Eyebrow pencil

Toiletry case

Clothes: (this includes all clothes I had with and on me)


Big warm scarf (works as a blanket too)

Black jeans




2 long sleeved shirts

2 tops

warm socks

5 undies

5 socks

1 bra


Since it was quite cold, I would sometimes wear the leggins under my jeans, a top, a long sleeved top, a cardigan, hoodie, jacket, scarf and gloves, which means I basically just had my underwear, the socks, one top and one long sleeved top + the toiletry cases, canvas bag and the books in my backpack.

If I got too hot, I would simply pull out my canvas bag and put some of my clothes in there for a while until I might need it again.

The essentials where in my purse.

And I can honestly say that I brought more than I needed.

For example, I don’t read when I travel this intense, so the book was just extra weight and space.

The antibacterial hand gel was also something I didn’t use.

And as it is easier to use the phone for taking photos, I see my camera as nothing but excessive weight.

Since you can use your phone for everything these days, the journal and pen was not useful, but I love journals and writing lists etc. so I don’t mind carrying it 🙂

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