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Ko Pha Ngan

Koh Phangan is an island in southeast Thailand, with neighboring islands such as Ko Tao and Ko Samui. Koh Phangan might be most known for its Full Moon parties, when up to 30.000 people gather together on the 800 meter long Haad Rin Beach to party on new years eve. 

Ko Pha Ngan

Or Koh Phangan, was our first destination after arriving by plane to Bangkok, where we spent one night before we took a night bus and then a boat out to the island. We arrived a couple of days before New Years eve, and stayed in a a simple bungalow on an amazing private beach at Nice Sea Resort.

The owner, Mr. Nice, was more than helpful and such a good host and he drove us all from the resort to Haad Rin Beach on New Years eve. We spent the rest of the night with some wonderful english people from our place, and had a blast! It was crazy to say the least. You can imagine tens of thousands of people on a beach no longer than 800 meters. It was messy and we lost each other many times, but what an atmosphere!

We took one day to a beach,  called Mae Haad, where a narrow pathway of sand takes you over to a small island, Koh Ma, when the tide is right. After a noisy and busy new years eve, it was greatly appreciated to spend a day at this quiet and calm beach.

Another nice part of Koh Phangan was the food stands in the city, where you could find all sorts of food and fresh fruit smoothies.












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