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How I travel the world without quitting my job

Before the summer begun in June, I had already traveled to 12 countries in two different continents while still working at a full time job. And I don’t have the kind of job you can do from anywhere – I work in a regular shop. Mondays to Fridays 10-6.


So how do I manage to do all this exploring around the world at the same time I work full time?

Sometimes I wonder that myself, but I’ve realized that if you want something bad enough, you make it happen. But most importantly, I am currently in a very good situation at a job with a lot of freedom.


Paid vacation

As a full time worker in Sweden, we get 25 paid vacation days a year. I used up exactly all of those on my trip to New Zealand – including my one week in southern Australia. But fortunately, I had saved a lot of vacation days from last year when I only did long weekend trips and didn’t use them all.


Weekend trips

Mostly, I do weekend trips around Europe, since it is so small and so cheap. If there’s a holiday, I make sure to plan it together with a weekend to get the most days without having to take time off work. Like around Easter, when I am free from work Friday-Monday. That’s 4 days off in a row. So usually when I go on a trip, I don’t need to take more than one or two or maybe three days off.


I travel alone

Not having to wait for someone to be able to go with me the days that are most efficient and convenient for me – I always find time to go.


The freedom at work

Now I understand that this is an unusual situation, and that not many people have the same freedom as me, to choose when to take the vacation days. I can literally choose freely when and how to pick my vacation days. As long as I check in with the boss that he’s not away – I’m good to go!


Living in Sweden, the paychecks are quite good compared to most countries. This means I can afford to travel this often, despite having an apartment etc. that costs a lot every month.

You can read more about How I can afford to travel.




As I said, I am in a unique situation and very lucky. But if you really want to travel the world, try to make it happen! Even if you cannot travel to other countries – travel around your own city or country. Explore more!

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  • 29th July 2015

    Hey I found your blog by searching my own name and I love it! I live in Canada now, but was born in Poland (which I see you have visited, woo!)

  • 2nd August 2015

    So basically you need to move to Sweden. haha. Over in the US we typically only get 10 paid vacation days. But it’s not unheard of to work somewhere where they only give you 5 paid vacation days. It is really draining.

  • 3rd August 2015

    That’s kind of my motto, if you really want to explore the world, you’ll find a way to do so!

  • 26th October 2015

    Just wow! I’ve went through many of your articles and it’s so impressive! Can’t imagine travel so much and alone but I wish I get to the point where I’ll love it as much as you do! I’m going for an erasmus stay in Gothenburg, if you ever happen to have a spare time, let me please know, it would be such and inspiration for me to meet such a traveller like you!

  • 27th October 2015

    I adore your honesty in this post – it’s so rare with other bloggers who portray this perfect life 24/7!

    Keep up the amazing work and happy travels! 🙂

  • 31st October 2015

    I love this article; travelling solo is definitely the way to go- you can make your own schedule and go whenever you want 🙂

  • 11th August 2016


    Wow reading dis made me feel so much better cos I travel solo n it’s hard sometimes but I’m gonna continue until I find a partner to travel with some day. Thanks for ur honesty

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