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How I can afford to travel

I often get asked how I can afford to travel so often. I’m not rich, my parents don’t pay for any of it and I do not get paid anything for traveling in any way. So how has it been possible for me to save money and also go on trips every month?
In most ways, I am just very lucky. Here are a few answers to how I make it happen.

1. I’m swedish

So right here is one of the biggest reasons why I can afford traveling. Sweden has a very strong economy and good value for money. Even the minimum-wage in Sweden is a lot compared to many other countries.


2. I have a full-time job

I sell glasses in an Optical Store, so it’s not a highly paid job that required a long education. I’m simply a shop-worker. And since it’s a Monday-Friday job, with the same salary every month, it makes it easy to plan for a budget.


3. Paid vacation

Another benefit of working in Sweden is that we have 25 paid vacation days a year. I am extremely lucky to be able to choose my vacay days as I choose, so I puzzle to put the trips together in order to save as many days off as possible for travels for the whole year. An example is when I went to Iceland in April this year. It was during easter, so because the shop was closed for the holidays, I only had to use 1 day off for my 6 day long trip.


4. I’m flexible

Being flexible is probably one of the most important parts of making bargains when it comes to plane tickets. I am also very flexible with my destinations, which means that I find the cheapest time to go to, well… Everywhere. When I search for plane tickets, I choose my city as departure, and arrival destination “everywhere”, and for time for departure, I choose an entire month or an entire year to find when it is cheapest to go to these places.


5. My country lies in Europe

Which is not only a small continent that makes the plane rides very short, but we have so many cheap airlines. Ryan air, Wizz-air, Norweigan and easyjet are some of them. I can get from Sweden to Germany for 20€ both ways, and as far as the mediterranean sea for less than 60€ both ways.


6. I don’t party

Wow, this sound boring, right? But honestly, how much money do you spend on a night out on the town? At least here in Sweden it is crazy expensive, and one drink is at least 10€ and the same amount just get into a club.

And frankly, I just don’t like clubbing. Having a couple of beers at a pub is more my style. Or parties at home or with reasonable prices.


7. Priorities

Buying stuff just feels like a waste of money. If I find a sweater or a bag that I like, I usually count the money in “travel”. Like, 20€ is a trip to Germany. 40€ will get me to Great Britain, Italy or France. It makes the motivation to save money easier.


8. Couchsurfing

Where do I even start? If you don’t know about this – you have to join! It is a community which brings strangers together by offering people to stay at your place for free. I have hosted about 15 people at my place, and I have surfed around 10 times. Through couchsurfing I have gotten the best tours and the best advices about their city and great company. I have made friends for life, I have met people that I would’ve never met otherwise. This is an amazing way of traveling, and of course – it’s free! Read more about it here or go to their webpage and sign up here.


9. I use my neighbors wi-fi

Yes. Well. Let’s just leave it at that

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  • 13th January 2015

    The vacation days are a wonderful thing! Living in Iceland travel to other countries is a bit more pricey but I love taking advantage of all the vacation days we have.

  • 15th July 2015

    Thanks for sharing this post.
    It keeps me motivated.
    I recently started a job that is 4 day work week.
    Now I just need to get organized.
    I don’t have flexibility on my vacation as you do. But I hope to begin traveling as much as I can. I caught the bug on a recent trip to Europe.
    Any further pointers to finding deals to travel?
    On average how much do you budget to travel?

  • 27th July 2015

    Haha number 9 made me laugh! Though it’s true, the amount of money I save by not having a data plan and using free/stolen wifi surely adds up! (I’m always that girl standing outside a McDonalds for the free connection…)

  • 12th August 2015

    Great blog! And great article! Love the tips. And I think we are using the same blog theme 😉

  • 27th July 2016

    Hahah, number 9 – well sharing economy is the new thing, right? 😉

  • 14th August 2016


    This all makes sense. I am particularly jealous of your 25 paid vacation days, though, as in North America, we are lucky to get anywhere from 10 – 15 vacation days when we start a new job. However, I am from Canada, so we get quite a few more statutory Holidays than the United States. So, I can relate to your tip of taking advantage of holiday weekends. 😉

  • 21st March 2017

    I like your site. I love your description of yourself. No you don’t have to be rich to be a wanderess!

    Much Love,

    Roman Payne
    (Author of “The Wanderess”)

  • 21st March 2017

    PS; You should come to Morocco. Life is euphoric here!

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