Bohusleden consists of 27 stages that together makes a hiking trail of 370 km through varied and beautiful countryside. The trail stretches from Lindome in the south, on the border to Halland, up to Strömstad in the north.

The trail runs partially through Gothenburg, so if you are staying in the city and just want to do a day och weekend hike, it’s easy to reach from the city center.


In Sweden, we have something called The Right of Public Access, which gives everybody the freedom to roam the Swedish nature – whether it is to take a walk, go kayaking, camping or climb a mountain.


Read about me hiking stage 1

Read about me hiking stage 2-5.

Read about me hiking stage 8.














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  1. Awesome post! This makes me miss hiking a lot! Since it’s winter here in Belgium, I really can’t stand the cold so I’m not able to do it… yet.

    Anyhow, hi! I am Aileen and I stumbled upon your website by chance. And I’m just very glad to be here since we’re both travelers! 🙂

  2. Looks like a great hike! Seeing these amazing pictures makes me miss home, and the nature there. I am from Norway, and love to be out hiking in the nature that is very similar to Sweden.

  3. Thank you, Aileen! I miss hiking too. And it is snowing outside, so hiking isn’t as compelling right now.. Good thing I’m off to New Zealand in two days haha 😀

    Glad you commented, so I found your blog too. It’s great! And I can tell you that Batanes just made it on my bucket list 🙂

  4. Oh it was! You know when the summer weather in Scandinavia is at its best. Well, it was.
    I really love our nature too, and I have on my bucket list to hike in the norweigan fjords. Still haven’t made it that far north.

  5. Marianne

    Hi! I’m planning to walk a few stages of Bohusleden in May and your pictures just make me want that I could leave tomorrow! It will be my first solo holiday. I’m very excited!

    I’m looking for a map or guide of the trail. Do you know if something like that exists? I can only find the maps on

    Thanks in advance!

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