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How to get to the Grand Canyon of Iran – Hayghar Canyon – تنگه هایقر

There are many places in the vast country of Iran that are not well explored. Hayghar Canyon, تنگه هایقر or Grand Canyon of Iran is one of them.

I went to this place with a local friend of mine who had gotten the tip of this place from another friend. I’ve also noticed that most of my other Iranian friends and Persian people I’ve met online have never heard of this place. It even took me a very long time and the power of the internet to figure out the name of it and eventually finding the spot on the map.

Good to know before you go

You need your own vehicle to get there as I am not aware of any tour company going there. When me and my friend was there, there were barely any other people around. It’s a road trip. Bring snacks and A LOT OF WATER and prepare that music list of yours.

We have been told it’s not safe for women to go alone. We were fine, but it is very secluded so I understand what they meant. Especially since a couple of guys seemed way to interested in bumping into us again. So be a group of people, not alone.

There are some incredible places on the way that you should not miss – like Qal’eh Dokhtar (also known by the names Ghale DokhtarDezh Dokhtar, The Maiden’s Castle, The Girl’s Castle and دژ دختر‎‎)

Dokhtar Castle, Fars Province


Hayghar Canyon- تنگه هایقر

This is the road we took, with the stops on the way.

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  • 27th August 2017

    This place looks absolutely incredible. I have never thought of visiting Iran but you are making me change my mind. Definitely good tip on not going alone. How was the driving in Iran?

  • 27th August 2017

    Wow! The canyon looks beautiful. Thanks for including tips on how to stay safe traveling in a group.

  • 4th September 2017

    Good to know, looks lovely

  • 29th September 2017

    Wow, vad mäktigt!

  • 1st December 2017


    Hi, really beautiful! I’m going to Iran in December and planning to visit Hayghar Canyon. Do you happen have the email or number of driver or which hostel you stay that can arrange the private car to to the Hayghar Canyon? Thank you!

  • 15th May 2018

    hi , i am from iran
    thanks very much to write about this .
    we are happy , very happy to see tourists in our country !
    iran is very wonderful by having a long History and a lot of natural tourist places .
    we can guide/help our dear tourists if they need . (contact by email :
    we are waiting you 🙂 .
    Good luck .

  • 22nd August 2019

    Thank you so much for your post about Grand Canyon of Iran, Haygher canyon is definaly one of the highlights in south of Shiraz city with some other incredible attractions to be discovered which you have mentioned some of them in this post. Such as The Maiden’s Castle (in Persian Ghaghe Dokhtar), or Maharlu lake it is known as pink lake in south of Shiraz and many other places.
    One of the best activity which you can combine with this journey is an overnight stay with Nomads to experience Nomadic life style in Iran with Iran nomads.
    For visiting these mentioned places, we are offering a well design package to those people who wants to experience Iranian culture, history and nature in depth.

    Saeed TripYar

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