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Ecotourism Our responsibility Part 1

What do you of when you hear the word “ Ecotourism ”?

A ban on flights? Working on hippie farms?

While flying isn’t good for our climate, ecotourism is more about the destination and the impact of it and it’s people.

The definition of ecotourism is “Responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people.” (TIES, 1990)



What can we as individuals do?


As a single person it can easily feel like you alone can’t make a difference, but the least we can do is to not be a part of the problem.

By supporting ecotourism and act as a good example will most likely inspire and inform more people about the cons of tourism and what better alternatives there are to choose from. If we start asking for ecotourism, the people who work with tourism will listen and  try to please our desires.

We need to change the attitude of traveling. The purpose should be to experience something new. Something different. To see other cultures and landscapes. And the way places change to make visits easy and comfortable for people who travel there takes away the genuineness.

The traveler should adapt to the destination. Not the other way around.



So, some things we can all think about when we travel to make tourism better for the communities, the nature and environment:

  • Stay at locally owned accommodation or do home stays
  • Don’t do All Inclusive Resort trips
  • Shop from local businesses and not from bigger international one’s
  • When you can – travel by boat, train, bus, bike or foot and try to avoid riding a taxi alone and take unnecessary flights.
  • Embrace the culture and way of life of your destination. Eat what they eat and what’s in season.
  • Don’t do any type of entertainment that involves animals
  • Research. I’m only myself just starting to learn more about Eco tourism and what I can do to travel more responsible. Do the same. Google or ask an expert on what else you can personally do.





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