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Ecotourism Why is it needed Part 1

What do you of when you hear the word “Ecotourism”?

A ban on flights? Working on hippie farms?

While flying isn’t good for our climate, ecotourism is more about the destination and the impact of it and it’s people.

The definition of ecotourism is “Responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people.” (TIES, 1990)

Why is Ecotourism needed?

Negative effects for the locals

When a destination becomes a popular place for tourists, big multi international companies are usually quick to build hotels and other tourist attractions. Because of their huge recourses, it can become difficult for the small local businesses to compete with these giants.

The concept of “All Inclusive” travel definitely makes it harder for the locals, as the tourists more rarely leave the gates of their hostel to go eat at local restaurants or buy merchandise from locally owned stores.

Bought these paintings from local artist Gloria Cholotio in Guatemala

Bought these paintings from local artist Gloria Cholotio in Guatemala



When a city or an area becomes a popular tourist destination, it can lead to higher prices which makes it harder for the locals to make a living there, and it forces out the poorest one’s.

A growing number of tourists often lead to an increase of criminality as the rich visitors becomes easy targets, but also the locals can become targets as sex tourism has increased the demand for prostitution, child prostitution and trafficking.

Also, people who travel can often be a**holes, as they let go of their inhibitions when they are far away from home. Especially when alcohol and drugs are involved.




My bed in Maria's house during my home stay in Nicaragua

My bed in Maria’s house during my home stay in Nicaragua


Making bread with my home stay mom in Guatemala

Making bread with my home stay host mom in Guatemala




What are you though’s on ecotourism? How much do you know about it and do you want to learn more?



Next post about ecotourism will be about the negative effect for the environment.




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