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Day hike in the the Alps

If you, like me, love hiking, you don’t have to go on an expensive hiking trip to get a taste of the alps. It is closer than you might think.

When I was in Vienna, I took the chance to escape the busy city life and get a taste of the alps by going on a day trip to the Alps of Upper Styria and Lower Austria.





I got picked up at 8 in Vienna, and an hour and a half drive later, we arrived at the foot of the alps. We started at Preiner Gscheid (pass at 1070 m) and hiked for about 6 hours in total, reaching 1804 m at the highest at the hut Karl Ludwig Haus where we stopped for some hot chocolate before starting the journey back down to the valley.

The hike was exhausting since I hadn’t fully recovered from my monster cold, it was cold and so windy at the top that it felt like someone was whipping me in the face, it was so misty that we barely had any vision – and I LOVED it!

The feeling of pushing yourself to your absolute limit, to push harder than you toughest you could, to keep on going when you just want to sit down and give up, is such and amazing feeling. The fresh air of the cold winds made my lungs happy and the mist made it all look so magical.

I am also so proud of myself for not letting my fear hinder me when we crossed the snow slopes that were so steep that I almost turned back. I felt so alive and strong and free during this hike. This is why I love hiking. To see how much I can do and what I am capable of.

My guide Yannick was an excellent guide in every possible way. He made sure we all hade the best experience possible and adapted quickly and he’s also super nice and spread such an enthusiasm.



All of this cost me 55€, and that also includes being picked up and dropped of in Vienna.

If you want to experience Austrian Alps, but only have a short time to do it, you can find more info on this tour here on this website – Trekking Austria or the FB page.










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  • 9th June 2015

    Oh, I love the Austrian alps! They are so lovely 🙂

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