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There is more to Ayia Napa than hordes of drunk teenagers. Some of the beaches might be packed with people, but the beaches are incredibly beautiful and the water is as clear as in a swimmingpool.

Ayia Napa

I have been to Ayia Napa twice in my teens, on two very different trips. The first one was with my ex and his family, and then we went alone the year after.

I’m glad that I went on the family vacation first, so that I realized how there’s more to the place than just the party streets. But I still have to say that this place is more fit to go if you are a teenager who likes to party. A lot.

Nissi Beach is the “party beach”. It is beautiful of course, but very crowded. This is where the party is during the days.

Golden beach is almost as beautiful, but much calmer and more fitted for families and for those who just want a quiet day at the beach. And it is not at all as crowded.

One day, we went out on a “party boat” and stopped at some places where we could jump into the clear blue ocean from the boat.









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