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Christmas in Hamburg

Leaving blindingly white beaches and turquoise water behind to get home to the cold north would’ve been painful if it wasn’t for the fact that my favourite holiday, Christmas, is around the corner.

Everyone who knows me well, know that I LOVE Christmas. I usually have to restrain myself from waiting all the way to November to start letting my inner Christmas spirit fly free.

Christmas music, making candy and baking, drinking glögg(mulled wine) and julmust(christmas soda), wearing clothes that are as cosy as they get. And of course – visit Christmas Markets.




Tomorrow I am flying to Hamburg to spend the weekend in one of the most Christmasy towns on earth.

We all know Germans do Christmas markets best, and I will also have a chance to see Hamburg for the first time.

This is a trip in collaboration with Hamburg Tourism and NordicTB. I will be exploring the city and it’s Christmas magic with 4 other bloggers – We are Nodes, Travellingmunk, Supermarie and Danish Adventurer

You can follow my trip on my Instagram, and you can follow all of us under the hashtags #ChristmasinHamburg and #HolyHamburg.

I’ve prepared with my Christmas earrings, cosiest sweaters and red nails. And it just so happened to arrive a package to me from Happy Socks, with 3 pairs christmas socks. One for each day. It was meant to be.


Beach Christmas

From white beaches and turquoise water to the most Christmasy of places – #ChristmasinHamburg



German Christmas Market

Christmas market in another German city, Bremen 2 years ago.
The Germans really know how to do Christmas.


This post and the trip is in collaboration with Hamburg Tourism and NordicTB.

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