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Canada Road Trip Budget

** Money is in this post is Canadian dollars and for 2 people with camping gear not included as we already had that**

8 day road trip budget for western Canada

Car rental for 8 days: 380$ – 48$/day – 24$/day/person

Gas: 158$ – 20$/day – 10$/day/person

Camping sites: 168$ – 24$/night – 12$/person/night

Food: 165$ – 21$/day – 10$/person/day

Eating out: 213$ – 27$/day – 13$/person/day

Beer(including tasters at 6 Breweries): 196$ – 24$/day –  12$/person/day

Hostel 1 night in Vancouver: 69$ – 35$/person

Other: 96$

1.445 $ for 2 people in 8 days = Average 90$/person/day

(1.137US$ for 2 people in 8 days = average 71US$/person/day or 964€ for 2 people in 8 days = average 60€/person/day)




Ways to cut the costs of a road trip: bring more people. 4 people can comfortable fit into a car and share a tent, and thereby split the costs of car, gas and campsites even more. And to not go to as many craft breweries as we did. We love beer though so no regrets. 


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