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Backpacking Eastern Europe Day 4 – Lviv, Ukraine

Day 4 – 12 october

I woke up from the bus stoping at the bus station in Lviv. It wasn’t even 6am yet, so it was pitch black.

After asking a girl for help, she told me which bus to take towards the center.

Luckily I had my google maps open to follow the bus’s journey, as it just before going to the center, turned right and away from the center. So I got off at the next stop and started walking.

Lviv isn’t too big, so walking wasn’t that big of a project.

I arrived at a hostel that had the highest ratings on Hostelworld, and I asked if they had a bed for me to stay the upcoming night. They did, and I could get out of my soaking clothes and warm up and dry in the common area as I did some work on my computer.

By lunch time I walked into the center and I was happily surprised. The city was all I had hoped for and more.

The squares and outdoor seatings were just too pretty. I knew then and there that I would come back to Lviv many times.

I can’t wait to go there in the summer time and spend all my time sitting on the different outdoor seatings having local beer or coffee, watching people walk by.

For lunch I went to a place galled Green. They had a menu with pictures(yay), and many vegan options. I ordered a Mexican plate and an apple juice for lunch. The food was so rich in taste and the apple juice was freshly made after I had ordered it.

To finish it off, I ordered a coffee and a coconut cake.

The coffee was awful even here. I almost made the generalisation of Ukraine having disgusting coffee, after 2 out of 2 disaster one’s, however of course there are places with good coffee.


That cake.

Holy moly it was so delicious!

I did make the generalisation that Ukrainians are dessert master after 2 out of 2 jackpots.

After that I was so full it almost hurt breathing.

I stopped on the way out by the little cashier that sells organic food and bought several vegan bars and chocolates.

Stepped out on the road, happily high on sugar and kept exploring the city. It was like I found even better places around every corner. I got super excited to come back in the summer time to make the full out of the city.

I walked by a colourful window and when I looked inside, I could see it was a candy store, where they made the candy as you could watch!

I watched them make candy and I bought some lollipops.

After further exploring the city, I walked back to my hostel for a well needed power nap. I ended up relaxing the rest of the evening with my stomach still full from that huge lunch. And candy tasting…And chocolate tasting..

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